The purpose and significance of standardization of plastic p
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The purpose of pallet standardization
The purpose of making pallet standard is determined by the purpose of the function of pallet products.As the most basic unit and handling equipment in the logistics industry, pallet is the basis for the transformation from traditional logistics to modern logistics, the transformation from static goods to dynamic goods, the improvement of supply capacity, the shortening of supply time, the improvement of service quality and the realization of mechanized operation.
1. Use pallet standard to regulate and control the logistics process.Only on the basis of pallet standardization, pallet consistent operation can be achieved, so that production enterprises, logistics enterprises, wholesale enterprises, retail enterprises and users of the logistics more smooth circulation, so as to improve logistics efficiency, reduce logistics costs.
2. Integrate the "non-standard" in the logistics process with the pallet standard.Because the pallet has important role in cohesion and a wide range of application and significant collateral, in loading and unloading, handling, storage, transportation and packaging of all logistics links such as efficiency of infidelity in the position of the center, the standardization of the pallet and its promotion and make logistics enterprises related to standard pallet logistics equipment, facilities and the integration of logistics information system.
3. Use pallet standards to promote the development of pallet industry, and gradually guide more domestic logistics enterprises to use standardized pallets for effective consolidation of goods, so as to effectively promote the standardization process of domestic pallets.
Second, the significance of pallet standardization
From the perspective of the practical significance and trade value of the plastic pallet standard to the economy of guoming, the significance of the standardization of the size of the plastic pallet is embodied in the following three main aspects.
1. Reduce the logistics cost of the whole society and promote the continuous growth of national economy
Logistics cost is a part of transaction cost, the reduction of transaction cost will promote the whole society labor division more closely.The deepening of the division of labor is bound to improve the labor productivity of the whole society, that is to say, people will create more wealth per unit of time.
2. Master the initiative of standards and enhance the international competitiveness of logistics industry
Our country because of the plastic pallet specification chaos, causes the export enterprise to face the trouble in the international trade, is often, our country supplier has to temporarily purchase a batch of, conforms to the overseas purchaser request the pallet for the export use.In our country, therefore, an urgent need to promote the process of standardization and standardization of logistics plastic pallet size, lead more domestic enterprises choose standard pallet, with the plastic pallet standard and national international cooperation, to make our country export commodities can directly use cooperative logistics equipment and facilities, with lower logistics costs smoothly into the consumer market, improve the international competitiveness of China's export products.
3. Set up pallet sharing system to promote the development of modern logistics
pallet sharing system can effectively ensure the implementation of consistent pallet operation, and pallet standard is the premise of establishing pallet sharing system.


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